Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Wisconsin State Journal Hires Sherlock Holmes

Why didn't somebody say this before the bill was passed?
Cable bill may not be boon to consumers
Oh, wait. You say someone did but the paper kept their yap shut while AT&T wrote, bought and paid for the bill.
Supporters of a statewide cable competition bill, including
telecommunications giant AT&T, have been saying for more than a year that
the measure will offer Wisconsin consumers more television choices and lower
But when competition will actually arrive in the Madison area -- or
your neighborhood -- is anyone 's guess.
AT&T and other companies aren 't saying if or when they would start competing for TV customers in the Madison area with cable giant Charter Communications, if the bill is signed by Gov. Jim Doyle next month as expected.
And yet, they see falling readership. I wonder why that is?

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