Thursday, January 08, 2009

My Take

Let's see if it plays out like this. There are an awful lot of If/Then statements out there that allow an awful lot of wiggle room. Let's see if Harry Reid can figure out where he needs to wiggle.

1- Right or wrong Blagojevich is still Governor of Illinois.
2- The Governor of Illinois has the authority to name President Obama's successor.
3- Blago is sleazy. He is not, however, indicted or convicted.
4- Roland Burris is a dedicated Party candidate and has been elected to statewide office four times.
5- Jesse White won't be able to tumble out of the fact that he can't not certify Burris.

Actions forthcoming
1- Reid has already said he'd wait to see the outcome of legal maneuvers in Illinois. That buys him time and space for wiggling.
2- White says that his hands are tied.
3- The President-elect gives his nod.
4- Reid expresses regret that Blago made all of this necessary, accepts Burris' credentials and all is forgiven.

What You Won't See
1- Blago apologizing
2- Burris apologizing
3- Harry Reid's chiropractic bill for a severly twisted arm
4- A no-run pledge from Burris for 2010. If he can run and hold the seat it won't be the Dems standing in his way.


Anonymous said...

"...can't not."

I am disappointed.

grumps said...

I'll argue that it's correct in that usage.

White would have preferred to "Not Certify" Burris. His aurthority does not allow him to do so. He is unable to not certify.

Sign me, "Stubborn, Even In Defeat."