Saturday, October 24, 2009

Laissez le Schisme Commencer

More splits and splats in the GOP.

If you're the GOP candidate for Governor in one party and endorse the candidate of a different party for governor in another state, what does that say about either your commitment or the party's strength for the future?

Tiahrt says,
"The Republican Party will never again be a majority party until we regain
the confidence of the American people," said Tiahrt. "I believe there is room
for disagreement within the party and we should not have litmus tests.

He then goes on to apply his own litmus test.
However, the Republican nominee appears to have disavowed most conservative
principles that are important to a vast majority of Republican voters."

There are those who claim that 2010 will be a GOP year. Yet we have several prominent Republicans who can't buy into that meme. Why would they expect anyone else to buy into it?

Extra Credit Work: For Ten Points, who is Sean Parnell? No peeking.

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