Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deep Thought

You wouldn't take your dog to a vet who hated animals or trust your child to pediatrician who hated kids.

So why would you elect a Governor who hates government?


elliot said...

And, yet, you want a cop that hates crime.

grumps said...

No, Elliott. The analogy would be to a police officer who hates justice and we don't want them either.

Carrying your thought through led to some interesting places, though. I don't think a cop needs to hate crime. A grocer certainly doesn't need to hate hunger anymore than a dry cleaner needs to hate gravy stains. All a cop needs to understand is that her job is to enforce the laws of the entity for which she works. Hating is an emotion that clouds judgement and the less of that we have on the streets, the better.