Friday, April 02, 2010

The Difference In The Governor's Race

While Walker was trying to fix blame and present commercials Barrett and Doyle were working to fix the bridge and present some solutions.

Don't fall for slogans. Believe in getting the job done.


TerryN said...

You have a point. If Walker raided the transportation fund or if Walker stated in 2005 that the zoo interchange would stand for many more years Walker would be busy fixing the bridge.

Love is blind...

J.S. Mill said...


I get your point, but then wonder, what does "getting the job done" mean to you? Because the job I want done in Wisconsin is to get good wage jobs back here and to get out of this horrendous deficit.

I would hope we can agree that the job I have defined has not got done nor is getting done.

Which of the candidates will get that done? Which of the candidates will provide more of the same? The answer to one of those questions may very well be none, however under the current bi-partisan system I can guess which candidate would have the best odds in Vegas of giving us more of the same.

Just a thought.