Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Would You Buy A Candiate In A Poke?

Can you have a horse race if only one horse shows up? Politico ran an article yesterday titled The Year of the Missing Candidate which featured Wisconsin's Own Bought and Paid For Candidate, Ron Johnson above the text. Politico likens the tactic by many candidates on the right to running out the clock in a basketball game; hoping that time runs out before they make a mistake that ends the game.

Johnson's propensity for gaffe and dodge has made him a target of more than a little derision. At his appearance at The Milwaukee Press Club Johnson declined to spell out his ideas because
"...I'm not going to get in the game here and, you know, start naming
specific things to be attacked about, quite honestly,..."

"I've never been a newsmaker before," said Johnson, smiling. "This is
new to me. I'm a rookie."

That's hardly a campaign stance. It's more like something your Prom date would say.

And Johnson is hardly the only debate dodger. The Walker Campaign is so afraid of what Rebecca Kleefisch might say in front of a live microphone that she's dodging debates altogether. The good people of Wisconsin won't buy a cantaloupe without testing it to see if it's good, they test-drive any car they're thinking about buying and check to see if they're getting a good deal on a washing machine or TV and, at the same time, they're being asked to take Rebecca Kleefisch on trust.

Even Saint Ronnie said, Trust. But verify." WisGOP and the Walker Campaign aren't willing to let you do that. They know their candidates are so extreme that you won't buy what they are selling so they're hoping you'll buy them sight unseen.

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John Foust said...

She says she's an expert on marketing.