Friday, March 04, 2011

For A Change, I'm Glad Walker Is A Hypocrite

Remember how Scott Walker says that all government spending is bad and that we have to cut, cut, cut? Yeah, not so much.
Walker Asks FEMA For Federal Aid For Blizzard Costs
I'm glad he's asking. Sharing the risk is one of the things that government spending does well. There is a long, long list of things that we can do as a government that we could never do as individuals.

I just hope that someone points out the irony of this request at this time to The Incurious Governor.


Jib said...

You are precisely right, we should not ask the Feds for monies that they already plan for. We should pay for those natural disaster costs here at home by taking away teacher's lunches and selling stray puppies to glue factories .

You really stretch to make points sometimes, grumps.

grumps said...

You misapprehend, Jib. This is a perfect use of collective funds, to mitigate costs that would be catastrophic for a single entity. It's sort of like making sure everyone is covered by health insurance so that localities are not forced to cover Emergency Room costs for basic healthcare.

Always good to see you. Where have you been hiding?