Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wisconsin's Constitutional Crisis

What happens when ideology trumps the Rule of Law?
However, when the Chief Justice of the State’s highest court accuses the
majority of highly unethical behavior and political motives when making law, and
does so in the writings found in a decision of the court, there is no court in
the state – nor citizen seeking to follow the laws of the state – who can give
credence and credibility to the high court’s rulings. Every ruling of the
Wisconsin Supreme Court, so long as it is composed of its current Justices, will
result in precedents that are instantly suspect due to the charges that have
been levied by members of the court.
Remember that Governor Nitwit has promised to improve the Bidneth Climb-ate but note that he seems to have forgotten the one thing business owners desire most of all--stability. Business doesn't flow to states that are in turmoil. Unless there are assurances that governments are stable they shouldn't look for an influx of new business.

While the State of Wisconsin has a lot on its plate in the recall
department, I’m afraid they now have little choice but to consider taking a look
at some of their Supreme Court Justices for similar action.

Not because the court handed down a ruling that will make people unhappy – but because the people of Wisconsin now have every reason to believe that their Supreme Court has been corrupted and their opinions subject to invalidation.

Make no mistake. This is not about a judicial philosophy with which I might
disagree. Reasonable, learned judges can – and often do – apply the law to
a fact situation and come up with different opinions and they do so in the
utmost of good faith and their best understanding of the law.

However, the minority opinion issued yesterday in the Wisconsin Supreme Court did not charge mistaken application of law. The opinion charged perversion of the facts and the law to meet a desired result.

If this is true, this is court corruption at its absolute worst and the people of Wisconsin cannot permit this to stand.

The system of checks and balances has broken down in Wisconsin and has been replaced by a Government of the Purse. Paybacks to WMC, AT&T, the roadbuilding lobby and beer distributors have taken precedence over the working families of Wisconsin.

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