Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Office: Scott Walker Style

Call it Dunderheads-Near-Mifflin.
Documents released under the state's open records law Friday also show the office of Gov. Scott Walker - and not the Department of
Children and Families - offered Archer the job at up to 65% more than what the
last person to hold the position made. Children and Families Secretary Eloise
Anderson never interviewed Archer for the nearly $100,000-a-year job, even
though Anderson is responsible for appointing someone to the post.
Just to be clear, the office of Scott Walker did nothing. Someone working in that office jumped channels to make sure Cindy Archer had a soft spot to land. Someone working in that office lied to Eloise Anderson. Someone in that office made the decision to change these positions from Civil Service and responsible to the agencies and taxpayers to being beholden to Scott Walker.

You could see back in February that changing these jobs at the agencies could only turn out badly for taxpayers. You could see that Walker was creating slots to provide so that he could shuffle his minions around in hopes of making them less visible.

Why is half of the Wisconsin electorate willing to play along with this bully and cheat? Have we become so selfish that we'll sell out our history of clean government and progressive programs for the promise of table scraps from WMC? If so, then shame on us.

The office of Scott Walker does nothing. It's the cronies, henchmen and toadies who are willing to hitch themselves to a rancid star that carry out the tawdry business of garroting openness and transparency.

It's not the office of Scott Walker that makes political appointments out of the gaze of any oversight. It's the sycophants and strivers and Randian bloodletters who fancy themselves as Makers. They make, alright. Without a doubt they make foul scandal and fetid stench in the marble and granite halls of the Capitol.

The office of Scott Walker, physical or statutory, is occupied by those who planned, carried out and are covering up this blot on the good name of Wisconsin. The office is tainted, to be certain, but it is not mendacious on its own. It is not given to perfidy by its nature. The office cannot issue basely duplicitous transgression of its own accord.

That all depends on the actions of its leader.

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