Sunday, June 10, 2007

Actively Not Getting It

I have tried to be good. I realize that blogging about the stupid things that Jess Bucher writes can seem just a little nasty and petty but the woman sets herself on such a all pedestal that it only seems fitting to honor the ghosts of Mencken and Clemens by chunking a few clods at her now and again.

McBride's Media Natters

1) There is no difference between traffic enforcement and warrantless wiretapping.

2) Because a group called Al Qaida in Iraq formed after the US invaded Iraq then the US must stay to fight them.

3) They're COPS. What could go wrong? The woman who builds one post a week on ineptitude or corruption in the MPD has no problems with giving up her SSN to anyone who asks.

4) It's not that politicians are wealthy. It's HOW politicians got wealthy that matters. Sometimes she appears to have journalistic instincts whatsoever.

I refuse to take a swing at the glamor shot Jess had up. Even she realized after one day that it wasn't the way she wanted to sell herself.

Jess McBride occasionally hits the nail on the head. She obviously cares about some people. It's just that, given her self-reverential Non-sequitir generating style she just doesn't deserve a spot as an opinion maker in the blogosphere.

Now, with a red rubber nose she'd be a fine match as a conservative foil to The Onion.

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