Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chuck Norris Sez...

Make sure you desecrate that flag to show your patriotism.
[ ]then I suggest you fly some revolutionary flag in lieu of your
50-star flag over the next year. Post the 13-star Betsy Ross flag, Navy Jack or
Gadsden flag ("Don't Tread on Me") or any representation that tells the story of
Old Glory and makes a stand for our Founders' vision of America.

Of course, patriots know that the 50-star flag truly represents one
nation under God and our Founders' republic, but modernists simply don't get it.
So what do you say we make a statement by flying a different flag and educate
our neighbors when they ask us, "Why are you flying that flag instead of the
contemporary Stars and Stripes?" (If you insist on posting a modern USA
flag, too, then get one that is tea-stained
to show your solidarity
with our Founders.)

Because Chuck's friend Huck and the teabaggers want you to spend that $73.50 to get officially descrated flags.

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