Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letters? We Get Letters

Just a quick note or two to some of the candidates who are connecting with me on The Face Book and by direct mail:

Dear Mark Neumann, That balanced budget you're so fond of bragging about during your last term in Congress came during a Democratic administration while you were a minor player in the party that tried to kill the golden goose with an impeachment. You may want to stop bragging about that quite so loudly. People will think you have delusions of adequacy.

Oh, and Mark? Your predecessor's name was Les A-s-p-I-n. With an "I." You should have your out-of-state direct mail bunch run those things past someone from the state you want to lead. You look silly when you make those simple mistakes.

And one for the national scene. Kay Bailey Hutchinson For Governor sent me this missive sometime last night.
"Dean Young is running for Lt. Governor of Alabama. He is a stanch and experienced Conservative leader. "

Now, given that one definition for stanch is,"to stop or check in its course," it seems very likely that Young may be the best choice for the obstructionists.

When do you suppose that the GOP will swing back to wanting some actual thinkers on their side?

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James Wigderson said...

Spill check is ruining the language.