Monday, March 15, 2010

Time To Bag The "Brown Bag" Theme

Scott Walker wants us to believe that he's so tight that he packs his own lunch. From now on we should probably ask to watch him eat it, too.
[]...campaign finance records show Walker’s campaign has piled up big tabs at some restaurants for meetings, including more than $2,000 at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Middleton...[]
The State Journal adds clarification, lest some say, "Well, they all do it."
By contrast, the campaigns of his GOP primary rival Mark Neumann and Democratic opponent Tom Barrett spent some money on food and drinks for fundraisers but virtually nothing on meals for themselves and their campaign meetings.

It's clear that they don't all do it. This is about Walker's hubris; his feeling of being the anointed candidate.

Saint Ronnie said, "Trust. But verify."

He was talking about someone who said one thing and did another. You know? Like Scott Walker

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Walton said...

Heh - I know I already said it a few days ago, but I don't think that brown bag is full of lunch...