Monday, February 07, 2011

Really Quick. Really Judgemental

Kid Darth Vader for Jetta- Far and away the best of a pitiful litter

Black Betty for Beetle- Maybe my fave but for narrow enough reasons

Doritos- The Cheese Guy was just creepy and I don't remember the rest. Where the Hell is Ali Landry when the nation needs her?

Feuding Couple for Pepsi Max- I loved it when it was a State farm commercial. I'm almost over this version already

First Date for Pepsi Max- This is what Two and a Half Men will look like without Charlie Sheen

First Date for Chevy Cruze (sic) - Just for a moment I knew what Papa Hemingway was thinking at the end.

Budweiser Wild West- Never has so much been made of so little. How did no one stand to say that Coke did all this with the Grand Theft Auto ad years ago.

Motorola Xoom (what does that even mean?) - They even went so far as to put 1984 on the reading pane just to let us know that they knew we'd know they were ripping off the most famous SuperBowl ad of all time in the service of a device that will be obsolete by Saint Swithin's Day. Yeah. It's monkeys. We get it. Move on. Yeah. Web content is unrated. We get it. Move on.

Joan Rivers for godaddy- Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it.

Richard Lewis for Snickers- We knew where it was going but it was still cute enough. I have Roseanne getting logged running on a continuous loop on a spare TV right now.

Carmax or carfax or carsoup or carmex or whatever that was with the mattress showroom and stuff - Not as creative as the Bridgestone Beaver ad but infinitely superior to the talking cars drek you committed.

Reply To All for Bridgestone- You should have rerun the one with the whale. Oh, wait. Chevy Pickups did the one with the whale this year. And it was a bigger whale.

There were more. None was exceptional. Most were ordinary. Some were execrable.

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