Monday, February 07, 2011

Things That Make Me Go, "Huh?" #2

When you read this story many questions should come to mind.
AOL buying Huffington Post for $315M
  1. AOL is still in business?
  2. HuffPo is a "news organization"? Seriously?
  3. Seriously?
  4. $315 million? Isn't that latte money for Ariana?
  5. News? No kiddin' now? Seriously?
  6. Is this some kind of weird "get even" move after the WisPolitics thing?
  7. Okay, I've heard of Mapquest but Endgadget and TechCrunch? Are those breakfast cereals?
  8. Did this have anything to do with that cheap champagne Jerry Jones was pouring?

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