Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Breaker, Breaker. Anybody Got a Copy?

The whole Pajamas Media/OSM uproar prompted Xoff to make a request after the heavy-duty folderol Althouse found herself engaged in. I'm still new enough at this that the very act of blogging is something I'm willing to examine a little further.

I've done a little navel gazing of my own a come to a startling realization. Blogs are the CB Radios of the new millenium. Most everyone has one and if they don't they will soon. If they could figure out a way to wrap a blog ID and put it under a tree even your Aunt Mildred would have one.

But then, she's probably already posting some version of her hopes and dreams.

It's not so very different. Everybody gets a handle. Newbies get raked over the coals for violating unwritten rules of etiquette. A new community forms out of thin air. Sooner or later nobody remembers what it was you said. The loud ones get all the attention and thrive on good reactions and bad. The quiet ones sometimes have the most to say.

The CB phenomenon lasted the best part of 20 years before it died out. By that standard blogging has a ways to go yet. I'll jump on for the ride just like I did the last time.

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elliot said...

Does this mean we'll soon be able to buy tickets to see a movie called Smokey and the Blogger?