Sunday, November 13, 2005

First Up

Why blog at all? It seems just a little narcissitic to me to presume that anyone wants to read what I think on any given issue. On the oher hand, I do have a viewpoint that I share freely. This is another way to put that viewpoint in front of people and to share their thoughts about it.

Give me the sense to not stick my foot in the conveniently open orifice and let's see what happens.

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Evansville Observer said...

Jay Morin was a star cross country runner for many years in Evansville. He ran with Mike Thornton, and Justin Frey and as 1,2,3, led the team to state where they finished 2nd. Anyway, one race, the boys were chatting, and they had all worn some weird t-shirt or socks just to stand out and be crazy a little. A younger runner went to each and asked what their favorite was. Finally, he asked Jay.

Jay replied, "I plan on leading. I don't read what is on your back or butt." It's that way when you lead.

Jay was always a little edgy before the race. He planned on leading. The team relied on him. His vision was on the path ahead.

It's that way with writing on the blog. Put it out there. Every day. After two weeks, you will just note the titles on a 3x5 card and you will write the stuff in your sleep.

Besides, I plan on linking to you and the locals will think you are ill if you don't post.

Best regards,
The Observer