Thursday, February 01, 2007

Candidate Forum Info

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I've been a little busy of late preparing for the School Board Candidates Forum for next Saturday. I hope that all three of my readers will be able to attend the event.

Karen Aikman and I have tried to design an event that will allow all of the candidates to put themselves forward to the voters as they wish to be seen. We have not set the event as a debate or a pop-quiz.

There will be time after the event for the voters to have face time with the candidates.

The candidates have all received the questions which will be asked. The questions are:
1) You have each chosen to take on the difficult and rewarding task of running for
the Evansville School Board. Please share with us the top two reasons you
wish to serve.

2) The School Board is asked to respond to the needs, wants and demands of many stakeholders in the district. Who is the primary “customer” of the school board and why?

3) We read each week of the competing demands placed on the school district and upon the board. Please focus on those which you consider to be the top two issues facing the board after the election and how you would balance those with the remaining issues.

4) There are six candidates to fill two seats. Why should the voters of the district hire you? What skills and experiences will you bring to the board making you the best candidate for the position?

We hope to see you at the High School Media Room Saturday at 10 AM.

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