Monday, February 12, 2007

A Modest Proposal

The war drums are beating once again for the elimination of the so-called Frankenstein Veto. This little gem has been with us since the days that Tommy T first bowdlerized a budget bill to twist it to his will and has now reached the absurd heights of the Veto-Matic.

It's clear to most everyone at some level that the individual-item veto is going to have to go but no one seems to have the stomach for eliminating it whilst their own is in the Statehouse. I offer my own solution.

Kill the blasted thing now to take effect with the next governor.

Yes. I know that is two years too long for some of my friends on the right but it has grated on both sides for so long that two more years is of minor consequence. Governor Doyle has said that he's done after this term and no one can accurately predict the candidates at this point, much less the winner. Let's get a new system in place now and stop the madness at some point rather than letting it go on forever because of a lack of legislative huevos.

Maybe we could get Paul Ryan to show some leadership at the state level and get him to tell us all why the line-item veto is such a mistake. ;)

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