Saturday, March 31, 2007

Don't Set The Bar TOO High

In advance of Opening Day the Gazette sums it up for the realists among Brewer fans.

Brewers Take Another Shot At Meeting
There's absolutely none of that "Dare to be great" stuff in a headline like that. Just go out and win 82, Ned. Next year we can set some loftier goals. Just keep the kids healthy and the geezers happy and we'll be glad to invite you back for 08.


m. braunschweig said...

Frankly I don't see a goal of "82" as nearly good enough for this crew. They picked up a few formidable free agents in Suppan, Estrada & Counsel; the young talent has experience; their rotation is the best in the division; They have power in the OF, good gloves in the IF and arms in teh bullpen. As for health, well that argument is one that any team can make.

Nope this team must not only contend for the division title, but probably should get a wildcard and be in the playoffs. If that does not happen then Yost should be on the hotseat.

What is that? Those expectations seem too high for you? Well just look at the Tigers last year...I rest my case.

Faithfully submitted,

M. Braunschweig

slammer said...

The key to this season is not Ben Sheets, Bill Hall or Prince Fielder. The two key are the middle of rotation (Cappy, Suppan, Bush) pitching to their potential. We have all second and third starters pitching where teams have many 4th and 5th starters throwing (ie Brewers of 1993-2000).

The second is the ability to not let Ned Yost make decisions, he is hands down worst manager in the league today. The man is a train wreck, just win every game by 10 runs and we will be OK