Thursday, March 29, 2007


If you are going to whine about "those people" not becoming legal citizens then you can't use the term "immigration lawyer" as a perjorative.

You can't really equate admitted transgressions with hypothetical situations. If you know that one person has violated, but only fear that another maybe might, you need to look at which you fear most.

Spending this much money for a Court race is unseemly at best and makes me sad for our society.

"Tort Reform" is code for "keeping injured people out of the courts."

"Malpractice Limits" is code for "keeping injured people out of the courts."

The Supreme Court doesn't put a single person in jail. If someone wants to be "tough on crime" they should stay in the Circuit Court system.

Whichever candidate you support you need to be honest with yourself about which cases you want them to be activist about. There are no "non-activist" judges. Ever.

There aren't really any werewolves running for the Court...this time.

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Elliot said...

Even though I know it's going to make me sound like a six-year-old... the Left started it! Nah, nah!

Seriously, when the Left start resorting to the courts to try to bypass the democratic process on issues like abortion and gay marriage they ensured that the courts would become a political and ideological battleground.