Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Riding The Paranoia Train

I had this post set to go for tomorrow but Bruce Murphy makes the same point from a different direction.

What we know.

At least 8 US Attorneys have been let go under dubious circumstances.

Several of them have been let go because they either were investigating Republican politician's corruption or would not file charges against Democrats before the election.

Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales are going to dislocate something in all of the finger pointing going on.

At least three Congressmen admit to having called those fired attorneys with their concerns about cases with political ramifications.

Today's headlines say that the DOJ and the White House worked together to decide which attorneys to throw under the bus.

It's at this point that the paranoid asks...

How many US Attorneys got "The Call" and gave in to the pressure rather than fight the good fight and be fired?

What drives Steve Biskupic's interest in campaign finance and Wisconsin Democrats? Why go after a low level bureaucrat like Georgia Thompson when youj admit you have no real case?

Maybe there's no connection at all. Maybe it's just odd timing. What is certain is that the actions of The Executive Branch have made it thinkable to ask the questions. There's the shame.

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