Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jess Bucher Sez

Only prosecutors would sit on the Supreme Court in Jessica McBride's state. If you spent your time working to make sure that people's Constitutional rights were protected you shouldn't be judging.

I realize that Jess' worldview may be a little bit skewed. After all. if you give a kid a hammer then everything needs to be pounded. It's just that she has this Wild West mindset when it comes to law enforcement.

If Jess were Queen we'd have all hangin' judges and we'd have more gunfights to settle things "the manly way" and we surely wouldn't brook no guff from them pesky furriners.

Poor Jess is moist with the thought that a conservative won an election without looking at the bigger picture. She should ask some journalists how they do it and then start asking people how the conservatives did in this nominally non-partisan election.

Around this part of the state I think the best example is from Fulton Township where Brian Christianson and his nuke-em-all "reformers" got soundly trounced by people who just wanted their government back from the Grover Norquist wannabes.

The Progressive Majority candidates made inroads in this election winning 8 new seats around the state including the Janesville Council and the Magnolia Town Board.

Jess' Election Night gloating shows how weak her grasp on the big picture is. It also proves once again that she needs to stop calling herself a journalist and tell the truth. Eric Severeid and the Russet Burbank are both commentators. Jess B is no more than that.

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