Monday, April 09, 2007


Rick Wiley, the RPW, Karl Rove, sundry and various officials of the DOJ and Jess Bucher are all mad at Steve Biskupic because he didn't pursue voter fraud aggressively enough. Biskupic's reason?

There wasn't any to prosecute.

The Tizzysphere has a conniption because Georgia Thompson didn't "flip" to higher-ups and shine some light on the bigger crimes they are sure was there. Thompson's reason?

There was no bigger crime.

Right wing bloggers decry the lack of reporting of the good news from Iraq. The reason?

The news gets worse rather than better.

If you're going to call yourself something as pompous as "citizen journalist" you owe your readers, at the very least, a passing knowledge of reality.


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear. I heard this just a day or so ago from a journalism professor, one who follows blogs closely. "They're citizens," he said. "But they're not journalists."

TC said...

The "Tizzysphere" Heh. Gotta remember that one.