Friday, August 10, 2007

A Comment For Chasin' (Since Comments are closed over there)

I'm willing to bet that your Dad did more than a little maintainence of woodland. It has to have the brush and deadwood taken out to prevent fires and snags. It has to have selective cutting done for the health of the remainder.

As to creek maintenence, it's less often and less obvious but no less important. I can remember pulling rocks and clearing debris in the Spring on Narrows Creek.

You can ask any beautiful woman. It takes a lot of work to maintain a Natural look.


randy said...

I can remember back in the day farming with my parents. The only time we did anything with the woods was for fire wood. We did not have the time to go and do ' maintence' on the woods. I know the people who own it now actually have a trail going through it as they have horses and they keep it cleared. But when we lived there , there was no maintence, was no trails. Creeks tend to take care of themselves. I my self have not made up my mind one way or the other about the lake.

Anonymous said...

what happened to my comment grumps, don't like the one's that disprove your thoughts??

You may as well shut off your comments as well, if thats how you play.

Anonymous said...

What????? Grumps doesn't moderate his comments. Perhaps a computer/typing class is in order. Sounds like a user error.

grumps said...

Okay, I'm really confused now. I haven't had to trash a comment for more than a year and that was for name-calling.

Apology accepted.

Anonymous said...

Do you mow your lawn? Do you let nature care for it? Do you drive a car? Do you drive on paved roads? Do you ever walk on a sidewalk? Do you wear shoes? Do you live in a house? Do you listen to the radio or watch television? How natural is the Internet? Almost everything modern humans do or make is not in strict accordance with nature. Including the dairy farm you grew up on. How wild were those Holsteins?
The creek needs to be walled to control its flow through the city of Evansville. Yes, the walls will need to be maintained. With the passage of time, Dear Chasin, all things fall into a state of disrepair. The prairie project that was once the lake will also need to be landscaped, mowed or whatever as time goes by.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone figured out who Chasin is yet? I think I have.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it just piss you off that Chasin will only take comments from "team members?" WTF? How do you get to be a team member? She writes crap stuff, then won't let anyone respond. I say we shut down her site. Anyone good at hacking?
I know her name. Will leave it in a separate post.

grumps said...

No. It doesn't upset me. Chasin has the right to do whatever with her own blog.

Take deep breaths. There will be no hacking talk here and no "outing" either. Relax. Enjoy.

Lake Leota said...

Grumps is right. We all deserve a certain level of anonymity here if that is what we want. Chasin’s heading states “This is a place to share your thoughts and ideas”. That statement seems to be ridiculous considering there is no mechanism on the Blog to do that. But we all should be allowed to be as ridiculous as we want, shouldn’t we?

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t matter who Chasin is. He/She writes like a fifth grader. Chasin uses words like some one, any where and no body instead of someone, anywhere and nobody. Chasin uses the word to instead of too as in It's really to bad.
Chasin seems to LOVE putting EMPHASIS on a BUNCH of WORDS to PROVE a POINT.

Chasin seems to think all anonymous comments are from the same individual.

I happen to agree with some of the points and Ideas Chasin makes. It is just frustrating that nobody anywhere can comment.

Anonymous said...

Well it's a good thing she writes like a fifth grader when she teaches 3rd graders.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye chasin'.

Like others (many) before you who could not keep up with the presure of an open free flow of thoughts you have to take a step back and tighten the leash. It's ok, we all have reservations about freedom when it compromises our own beliefs. No worries. It is your choice. But I think I speak for others who will not tolerate web log tyranny and will boycott your site.

So good luck with shutting down Lake leota with no one to hear your opinion.

Good luck with stopping under-age drinking with no one to hear your opinion.

Good luck with stopping Mick Vick with no one to hear your opinion.

The only thing you will be sucessful at is becoming yet another tyrant in this city. Congrats.

I have to give Grumps and the observer credit...they let anyone comment even if those comments disagree with their views.

Bye bye Chasin.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys are unkind.