Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Simple Question

How can a party claim to be the party that is reducing taxes when one of their budget proposals is a tax increase?

GOP tries to cut state tax credit program

For Wilma Mitchell of Waupun, $700 is a lot of money.

That 's the amount the 63-year-old retired factory worker usually receives each year through a state tax credit on the property taxes on her three-bedroom home. That 's also the amount Mitchell stands to lose under cuts to a tax credit program for low-income homeowners and renters contained in the Assembly Republican budget.

The changes to the Homestead Tax Credit would strip single residents under 65 like Mitchell out of the program -- $80 million in net cuts to the program over two years that would affect more than 81,000 state residents, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.


Mark Schnepper said...

How can a party claim to be the anti-homosexual, family values party be the party of Larry Craig, the party that tried to hide the Mark Foley scandal to retain a house seat(even if fox news did say he was a Dem)?

How can a party claim to be anti-big goverment and build bureaucracies like the Department of homeland security?

How can a party claim to be the party of fiscal conservatism and bring us the biggest deficits ever? Take out the Reagan/Bush I years and Bush II years and a good portion of our national debt is erased.

How can a party claim to be against illegal immigration but support policies that help corporations exploit illegal labor with no ramifications?

It's too easy too point out rightwing hypocrisy. I could go on but, I'll stop now.

Anonymous said...

The homestead tax credit was created for seniors - the defintion of course is what? Oh yeah, 65+ and living in their home.

How old is she? Oh yeah... 63. And what about other renters in their 50's? Oh yeah... no, that wasn't the purpose of the credit.

Keep spinning.