Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's That Time Again

It's Talk Like A Pirate Day again.

How do pirates find the time to write? Simple! They use the Corsair ERRRRRRgonomic Keyboaarrrd. From Dreadpirateroberts

For those of you with a more sophisticated bent McSweeney's has a sampling of the best from Kevin Shay.

Q: Of which concept shared by Jungian psychology and Northrop Frye's literary theory are pirates especially fond?

A: ARRRchetype.

Q: Of all of Richard Harris's many achievements in the performing arts, which is a pirate's favorite?

A: "MacARRRthur PARRRk."

Q: Of the ghosts that appear to Ebenezer Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol," which do pirates prefer?

A: Jacob MARRRley.

Go read the rest and then go check out the pirate links at talklikepirate including the original Dave Barry column.

Enjoy yaarrrrrselves!

Q: Can we replace that last one with something about Bob Marley, so we can have an additional gag about RastafARRRianism?

A: No.


Nathan said...

What, no "Fred Says (Talk like a Pirate Edition)"?

Anonymous said...

No self-respecting pirate ever would vote for MacArthur's Park.

All that sweet green icing melting down after someone left a cake out in the rain? C'mon. Pirates could care less, unless . . . arrrgghhh, matey, yer didn't say it was RUM cake.