Friday, September 14, 2007

What's The Opposite Of Nanny-Statism?

Charlie Sykes and his listener love to natter on about the Nanny State. But, what happens when the government chooses to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to consumer protection?

China happens.

Test-drive a Nissan, win a lead-laced mug


elliot said...

The complaint about a Nanny State is when a government regulates a person's choices to protect them from themselves.

Consumer protection laws protect people from the actions of others.

A libertarian like myself, and many libertarian-oriented conservatives, are adamantly opposed to the first, but have no problem with the second.

Anonymous said...

Good, Elliott. That's sensible. But the post said nothing about libertarianism. And I've never heard Sykes claim to be a libertarian, have you?

The point here is that Sykes disagrees with you on your point two. (He does disagreeabble well.)

So what was your point? Are you surprised? Did you think that Sykes was with you on this?