Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What The Grown Ups Said

While the GOP on Capitol Hill stuck their fingers in their ears and mumbled, "Tax cuts. Only tax cuts," like a conservative Raymond Babbit business leaders across the US weighed in with their own impression of the GOP's non-plan.

FedEx CEO Fred Smith on the wisdom of spending on infrastructure:
"No question about it, the infrastructure of the country has been
underfunded for a long time ... it certainly would be a wise thing to invest in
all kinds of infrastructure.
Google CEO Eric Scmidt had this to say about the efficacy of a tax cut only solution:
"I'm worried that tax cuts alone won't work because people are not paying
any taxes because they're not making any money."
Republicans who refuse to engage in solutions and stand firmly on the failed policies of the past will not win over Americans who are suffering. They do not look like resolute leaders in Congress as this discussion goes on around them. They look small and petty and, more importantly, irrelevant.

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