Sunday, February 01, 2009

What's He Gonna Play?

Bruce Springsteen gets 12 minutes for four songs. What should be on his playlist?

My guess?
  • He should play Thunder Road but he will play Born To Run.
  • Born In The USA will be his closer.
  • For some reason, I'm feeling Dancing In The Dark coming on.
  • What does that leave? Fire? Blinded By The Light? I say Rosalita.


Anonymous said...

Born to run- check

Born in the USA - nope, Glory Days

Dancing in the dark- nope, working on a dream (how did you not guess that after this historic presidential election?)

Rosalita - nope- 10th ave freeze out (played first)

grumps said...

Wow, indeed.

Working On A Dream makes perfect sense in retrospect.

Glory Days? Glory Days? At the SuperBowl? Glory Days? meh.

10th Avenue Freezeout was a perfect opener.

Not my best performance but still right more often than Krauthammer and Goldberg together.

Anonymous said...

I heard it was Joe "Willie" Namath who requested 'Glory Days' while attempting to seduce Andrea Kramer in drunken haze.