Saturday, September 11, 2010

Either Walker Is A Master Of Shady Dog-Whistle Politics Or He's A Clueless Putz. You Pick

Let's see, the racist retweet was supposed to be a mistake.

The ad with the boxing gloves and going the distance with a man who faced a severe beating in the aid of a grandmother and a one-year-old was supposed to be inadvertent.

So how does Walker choose to commemorate the National Day of Remembrance for the thousands killed in the worst terrorist hijacking of all time?

That's right. The Candidate Without a Clue didn't think that maybe, just maybe, using a hijacking metaphor might be seen as being in poor taste on September 11.

There was more honest emotion this afternoon under the festival tent when the crowd rallied round the flag and sang God Bless America than Walker could ever hope to incite with his clumsy use of the media. We don't need this nimrod in office anymore.

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