Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Election Reax- Eleven On The Top Of My Mind

  1. Nice turnout, Evansville. I heard we were close to 600 before 7 PM. That's around 43%
  2. Wow. I almost feel bad for Brett Davis. He took a deep breath and jumped feet-first into the Milwaukee radio crazy pool and still had his career handed to him by a member of the Liberal Media (everyone in TV is Liberal Media, right?) If he'd stuck to his principles he might have been electable in November. Now Scott Walker has a millstone around his neck by the name of...
  3. Rebecca Kleefisch who has promised to consult her Bible before making any decisions as Governor Lite. The Good News is she'll never be able to make many decisions from that chair. The bad news is she's one heartbeat from taking over. If you like Scott McCallum you'll love Becs. Or something like that.
  4. Coattails weren't worth much. Brett Davis tried to ride in on the Tommy! train without much success and Pompadour Paul Ryan's hand-picked candidate in the 44th, Ken Brotheridge, moved back into Wisconsin only to run fourth in the primary.
  5. In a race in which I had no favorites it was a shame to see Bill Truman run second. He deserved a shot against Sherman.
  6. Jeff Plale finds out that the environment matters and that Wisconsin isn't West Virginia. Both good lessons.
  7. Memo to Cousin Bill in Sauk County; It's only 44 votes out of 8800. Demand a recount. Soon.
  8. There's no substitute for money. RoJo makes the case for Original Intent by trying to return office-holding to only rich white guys and drops four and a half million dollars of family money doing it.
  9. Implied in the Governors race, the Republicans made it clear that they are strongly anti-competence by rejecting Scott Feldt for Treasurer.
  10. No matter how strong Kurt Sclicht ran in winning the 27th he still was nearly 2-1 behind Tony Wickersham in the 4 precincts in Rock County. There's a huge lesson there for an organization smart enough to hear it.
  11. Congrats to Jennifer Keach. She'll do well in a second term.


proud progressive said...

Any election loss for Paul Ryan is a win for Wisconsin.

Al said...

In the treasurer's race, the Democrats also proved they were anti-competence by nominating Sass again. I can't really support either of them.

grumps said...

Good catch Al. The better candidate did lose that race.

I'd have thought Brotheridge was a shoe-in given Ryan's imprimatur. Go figure