Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ryan Statement Expected

Inside sources say that Paul Ryan will issue a response to the NCAA championship victory by Duke at a speech today at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Dumptruck County, Oklahoma. Ryan will maintain that the Blue Devils did not use enough of Butler's plays in last night's 61-59 victory.

Ryan has prepared charts to show that he has a plan for Butler to win the game and has had that plan ready to roll out for the last 6 years. He will call for the game to be restarted with 15 minutes on the clock and Butler to have the first 7 possessions. After that his plan will call for all out-of-bounds situations to be decided by having the teams compare alumni donations.

In a separate speech in Bonduel today candidate Mark Neumann will circulate a petition calling for a ban on NCAA basketball in Wisconsin. "Wisconsin has a great basketball tradition, all on its own," Neumann said yesterday. "We don't need some national association coming in here and and ramming socialized brackets down the throats of the good people of our state."

Friday, April 02, 2010

The Difference In The Governor's Race

While Walker was trying to fix blame and present commercials Barrett and Doyle were working to fix the bridge and present some solutions.

Don't fall for slogans. Believe in getting the job done.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Think About It For A Minute

You'll see what's wrong. There's no big political point here. Just pointing out some foggy thinking.
All the President is trying to do is reverse his 50% disapproval rating.