Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Steinlein Withdraws On Election Day

Evansville Alder candidate Wayne Steinlein has withdrawn from the race for the District 4 seat an article published this morning at Gazetteextra.com says. Steinlein cited the possibility of a job move in the coming year and the unfairness to the voters of withdrawing so soon after the election.

Because of the late withdrawal Steinlein's name remains on the ballot against incumbent John Sornson. From the article:
Rock County Clerk Kay O'Connell said if Steinlein is elected, he would have to
resign from the position and the common council would appoint a new alderman.


mrs.steinlein said...

You are incorrect, Wayne withdrew at leat a week in advance of the election. He went down to city hall and notified them of the fact. Also the observer pulled is audio segment as soon as he told them.
It was a difficult descision for him and he labored over it for two weeks before making his decision.

grumps said...

I accept the correction while noting that the Gazette publish notice of his withdrawal on their website Tuesday morning.