Friday, December 22, 2006

Decorations and Diversions

There is a house on my way home that is decorated with a dozen 6-foot lollypops that are lit in the evening. It's a cute and original display in a city full of badly strung icicle lights.

I'm wondering, though. Is there money in growing lollypops? Can I get set-aside money if I file to not grow lollypops? If so, how many acres of lollypops should I not grow?

I'm already not growing 3 rows of soybeans for the new crushing plant. Can I not grow soybeans and lollypops together?

And, what about Jerusalem artichokes? Is anybody still not growing them or have they all changed over to not growing sugar beets?

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Karen Aikman said...

Badly strung icicle lights are better than none at all. Where's your Christmas spirit? Evansville is a sparkleing display of Christmas Cheer. A la Charlie Brown though it may seem. Check out the house on Sherman Court, just off of Garfield. That's something you don't see everyday. It wouldn't be Christmas around here without it!

Merry Christmas Grumps!!!