Sunday, December 31, 2006

Q2 '06 -The Linky Love Goes On

Continuing to look back at some of the stories we all blogged about in 2006.


Frank Lasee threatened to "Bring the Love." Steve at Grandpa John's was just about the only one who noticed.
TPA went down in flames. Teeth-gnashers rose from the ashes to post comments at Jenna's.
We saw the first "Batman" moment in the AG race. This guy went on to be elected.
The City Council disorganized then reorganized. Most everybody had the story.
United 93 came out to rave reviews. It's showing up now on a lot of 'Year's Best' lists.


We got our first look at The Brawler.
Paul Bucher wanted to throw money at the problem.
Nathan got all "Old Timey" about immigration reform.
Flyin' Jim got his priorities in order.
Tommy said, "If I run, I win." MJM said, "Not so much."


Flag burning was still an issue even though it seldom happens for real.
Zelig's got nothing on Aaron.
JB rolled out the Batman Bus. It could traverse any terrain except a cranberry bog. DY snickered behind his hand.
Rick Santorum said he had finally found the WMD. Now he has time to look at his leisure.
Mark Green showed that he doesn't understand how businesses make their choices.

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