Monday, December 04, 2006

The Explanation We've Been Waiting For

Republican Senator John Sununu was speaking to a group of Economic development leaders in Concord, NH last week and had some words of advice for them.

"This may be the most bizarre recommendation, but I am sincere," Sununu
said. "I'm not saying it's not an issue or it's not important, but
proportionally speaking, stop complaining about health care."

Health care "is so darn expensive," he said, "because it's worth it."

Isn't it refreshing to see a Republican willing to tell business leaders to stop complaining and take care of the big picture?


Mayme Trumble said...

But why do other western countries have better health care at 1/2 the costs?

Nathan said...

English health care is great, if you can get a bed in the hospital and in Canada, the rich often spring for private care.

The bottom line is that in the US we are spending more on health care because it works - by most measures, life span and life quality have increased in recent decades.

The question above is facile, and its implication is incomplete.

Walton said...

Slight modification to your thesis, Nathan:

It works if you are insured. For those uninsured with a cold, flu, or sprained ankle, a doctor's office won't see them thus they have to use the most expensive and inefficient route to care: the Emergency Room.

So no, that doesn't work.