Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Look Back Q1 '06

Let's look back at the stories we blogged about in 2006. We'll start with the first quarter of the year.


Aaron looked at the postage increase.
The Recess Supervisor looked at the first Whiner Of The Year candidate.
Congress voted. Alito floated. Wiggie gloated.
Sadie Says went dark.
Concealed Carry went down. I gloated.


Fraley went on about felons at school.
Dean told us that Ann Nischke wanted to downsize the County Board.
The President got some definition in his life.
Wendy posted a love story of sorts.
Tommy started waffling early this year. Bill told us about it.


Scooter got sentenced. Paul deconstructed the event.
Evansville made it into USA Today and the Observer was there. He had my opening remarks to the forum as well.
Scott Walker quit the race and left Mark Green alone. Belle covered the embargoed story.
There was a public hearing in Madison that wasn't public. Mark told us why.
Paul Bucher made another misstep on the road to private practice.

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