Monday, February 27, 2006

President Defined As "moving/falling object" In Police Report

A few quotes from the Police report after GW's bike crash in Scotland:
It was "about 1800 hours on Wednesday, 6 July, 2005" that a detachment of
Strathclyde police constables, in "Level 2 public order dress [anti-riot gear],"
formed a protective line at the gate at the hotel's rear entrance...

"[At] about 1800 hours the President approached the junction at speed on the
bicycle. The road was damp at the time. As the President passed the junction at
speed he raised his left arm from the handlebars to wave to the police officers
present while shouting 'thanks, you guys, for coming'.
"As he did this he
lost control of the cycle, falling to the ground, causing both himself and his
bicycle to strike [the officer] on the lower legs. [The officer] fell to the
ground, striking his head. The President continued along the ground for
approximately five metres, causing himself a number of abrasions.

We were told that the accident was a minor oopsie, that no harm was done. In fact, the officer missed three and a half months of work. There is no record of the injured officer's apology for being run into.

The Scots are not amused.
John Scott, a human rights lawyer, said: "There's certainly enough in this
account for a charge of careless driving. Anyone else would have been warned for
dangerous driving.
"I have had clients who have been charged with assaulting
a police officer for less than this.

In related news, the Vice President of the United States has gone 15 days without shooting anyone in the face.

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