Friday, February 17, 2006

He's A Bigger Man Than I Am

Must have been one of the concessions to keep from being sent to Gitmo.


elliot said...

I thought about this when I heard him on the radio.

If one of my really good friends was to hurt me accidently and then took a bunch of heat over it, I'd defend them.

Wouldn't you?

Mason B. said...

You have got to be f-ing kidding me.

If one of my friends accidentally hurt me WITH A GUN, he is getting a whipping of some kind...his ass, his wallet, or his car!

Hey...because he is VP he can pay my medical bills, take care of the PR, and hook me the hell up. Otherwise that ass can go to jail, like anyone else would in this situation.

elliot said...

Wow. Glad I'm not your friend.

Mason B. said...

Well if I was your friend you can rest assured that I wouldn't shoot you, accidentally or intentionally!

But I guess some people would rather know that friends would be 'cool' if they were shot by you. Weird world.

Independent1 said...

Nobody would go to jail in a situation like this. It was a hunting accident, and the only people thinking Cheney should go to jail are people who hate Cheney already.

Hunting accidents are very common, and usually the shooter is a friend of the victim. This is part of why I don't go hunting.

Cheney isn't like Chi Vang, who clearly went people hunting.

Ambulance fugo said "Well if I was your friend you can rest assured that I wouldn't shoot you, accidentally or intentionally" While I believe you would never intent to accidentally shoot a friend while hunting, the word accident implies that events happened outside the intentions of the people involved. If accidents were absolutely preventable, they would be called on-purposes rather than accidents.

If you go hunting, you could accidentally shoot a friend, just like if you drive a friend somewhere, you could get into a crash, and see that friend suffer serious injuries or death.

Mason B. said...

I, of course, said what I said knowing something only I know...that is that I do not hunt nor do I carry guns of any kind near any friends, anymore.

And actually Cheney could have faced jail time if his 'friend' had died. Cheney was hunting ILLEGALLY. I do not hate Cheney by any means, I do however have a problem with people (democrat, republican, independent, conservative or liberal) that do not believe the rules apply to them, while the rules apply to everyone else.

Now if I were to carry a weapon in any of my friend's presence, yes you can rest assured there would be no accidental shooting. My 8 years in the United States Army infantry, coupled with the weapons training received therein is my certification to you. In fact the reason I am against things like conceal and carry laws is that I do not trust others with weapons because I know of only a certain segment of society that has received the training I have. Am I snob when it comes to guns? Sort of, but really I am snob when it comes to safety.

So no I will not go quail hunting after lunch with beer and a geriatric attorney pal resulting in an accidental shooting!

F.Y.I. Actually there are many things that can be done to prevent accidents and 'accident' itself only implies no intent. It has nothing to do with negligence, carelessness or a reckless disregard to safety, all of which can result in criminal culpability.