Monday, February 20, 2006

Evansville Mayoral Primary Tomorrow

Tuesday the 21st will see the list of candidates pared down to two and Mason doesn't think there'll be much of a turnout for the single race.

If he's right and the turnout is around 10% I think Mike Anderson has a shot at moving through. His base is passionate enough to turn out and do him proud. If the vote totals push up toward the 500 mark I think that Sandy and Karen have broad but not deep support and will swamp Mike.

Get out and vote. Make your point at the polls.

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Mason B. said...

If I am not right, then according to my information, the city might be in for a little bit of a crap storm given that the word is only 300 ballots were ordered.

I had better go vote in the morning on the way to work rather than on the way home from work.