Friday, February 24, 2006

James Wigderson's Plea

This e-mail arrived from James at 3PM on 3/24/06. I disagree with his premise and asumptions. I disagree with his goals. Follow your desire. In a hundred years it'll be all new people anyway.

Fri, 24 Mar 2006 15:05:53 -0800 (PST)
"James Wigderson"
A personal letter from James M. Wigderson
Friday, March 24, 2006
This is an unusual appeal, in an unusual situation.
People are gathering signatures across Waukesha County
in an effort to place on the ballot in November for
referendum a reduction in the size of the Waukesha
County Board. This issue cuts across the political
spectrum, across the different regions and interest of
the county.

Starting this Monday, the Waukesha County Board will
be considering ways of stopping this petition and
referendum drive. One serious possibility is that the
members of the board, unable to cut loose 24, 16 or
even 10 of their fellow board members, will decide to
cut the board by a token 2 or 3 members.
Part of me sympathizes with them. It’s difficult for
any group to imagine drastic change, especially change
that affects so many of their colleagues.

On the other hand, this isn’t personal, and they
shouldn’t treat it as a personal issue. They were
elected (many without opposition) to serve the best
interests of Waukesha County. The members of the
board were given a tool to do just that: the ability
to streamline county government. If they fail in this
responsibility, then the responsibility falls to the
people of Waukesha County whom they serve.
I’m asking all of you, regardless of ideology,
affiliations or political loyalties, to join in this
effort. You can download the petition at the Waukesha
Taxpayers League website. You can pick up petitions
at either:

The Print Shop (National and Moreland)
3628 S. Moreland Rd
New Berlin, WI 53151
anytime 8-6 m-f

Midwest Law Enforcement Supply Inc.
(Both locations 262-567-1004)
210 S. Silver Lake Street, Oconomowoc
9-5 m-f
or 16825 W. Lisbon Rd
Brookfield WI
10-5 m-f

Or you can come this Saturday to Gehrke’s Corners in
Brookfield at 9:00am this Saturday for petitions and
to get an area assigned for going door-to-door. I’ll
even drive and deliver petitions if I have to. Just
e-mail me at
This effort can change government in Waukesha to be
more visible, more accountable than ever before. And
after Waukesha, perhaps all of Wisconsin. But this
effort has to start with each one of us. If we gather
enough signatures to demonstrate real momentum in the
next few days, we can stop the Waukesha County Board
from making a token cut to short circuit our efforts.
When it falls to us to make great things happen, we
must seize the opportunity.

James M. Wigderson

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