Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bad Days Give Way To Good

It's been a rough couple of days here at the old Radio Ranch. I'm not sure if I had the fontads or the gollywhoppers but something had ahold of my lungs and back. It sounded like the circus was in town every time I coughed and I nearly slept the clock around.

But, life goes on and I'm feeling marginally better now, just in time for a busy weekend. I teach this morning and the Stateline Literacy Council Moonlight Bowl is tonight in Beloit at 9:30. This is just prelude to the celebrations to follow, however.

Last year on Valentine's Day my lovely bride and I ran off and got married without telling a soul. It was too hard to bring kids and sibs together for a February wedding and we wanted them all to be there so we waited until September for the big marriage celebration. But, on the 14th of February my wife and I will be married one glorious year.

The preacher asked what we wanted in our vows, considering that they were just for us and that we'd be repeating them later. My Beautiful Wife said, "Leave out "obey."" I said, "Leave in "Kiss the Bride,"

It's been a good year. My thanks to all who helped make it so.


Mason B. said...

Leave out obey...leave in kiss the bride...awesome.

elliot said...


Remember, the first anniversary is paper.

(I believe cash counts.)