Monday, February 13, 2006


Okay, there's nothing funny about hunting accidents. I'll be the first to acknowledge that. I'll also grant that the weapon involved was a legally carried, Constitutionally protected shotgun. Now, with the benefit of a day's hindsight we are allowed to look to see what we may minew from the story of the VPs hunting mishap.

Which makes you grin?
  1. The Vice President's name is "Dick."
  2. The victim is a lawyer.
  3. Who served as Funeral Services Commission head under GWB
  4. No one involved thought it was newsworthy until after it had been in the MSM (If that's what the Corpus Christi paper is.)
  5. Shooting at quail? I thought he said Quayle.
  6. Cheney's spokeswoman uses the professional name, "McBride."

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