Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bush Squirms When He Can't Pick the Crowd

There are a lot of folks weighing in on the appropriateness of the eulogies at Coretta Scott King's funeral and comparing those speeches to the attacks of Fred Phelps and his ilk. Most of those comparisons miss the point that the speakers in Atlanta were celebrating the life of Mrs King and the causes in which she believed. That the President was in the audience was not her choice, but his.

It's one thing to attack the deceased and the mourners with political arguments which are beside the point. It's quite another to make the political points to which the deceased had devoted her life. If the President was uncomfortable during the service perhaps he should have familiarized himself with the work of King's family. If that's not the proper place to share her views and causes there may never be one.

Five years of dodging the NAACP will tend to leave one out of touch, I suppose.


elliot said...

If the president hadn't come to the funeral, the left would point to it as evidence that he doesn't care about blacks.

He comes and he's treated to inappropriate commentary.

Considering that the welcome at the funeral was MUCH friendlier than the one he'd get from the NAACP, is it any wonder that he keeps turning down their invitations?

Everyone has a right to protest. Everyone has a right to free speach.

But ambushing a man in front of your own sympathetic crowd in a venue where he can't appropriately respond is not a's a cheapshot.

grumps said...

If telling the truth is an ambush...

For the record, I don't think GW hates black people. Kanye West was wrong about that. George Bush hates poor people. That's abundantly clear.

Nathan said...

I disagree, Grumps. I don't think he hates poor people either; I think he simply doesn't care.