Thursday, February 09, 2006

F. Jim Weighs In

Wisconsin Rep. F Jim Sensenbrenner has made a request as chair of the Judiciary committee to AG Alberto Gonzales for the release of the administration's justification for the NSA Domestic Spying program. The chairman says,
"Questions have been raised about the President's authority to establish the
NSA's terrorist surveillance program..."

Sounds as if he's headed down the trail blazed by Sen Feingold, doesn't it? But, no F goes on,
,...which was created to protect Americans against a dangerous enemy intent upon
using any means possible to destroy Americans and the freedoms we cherish.
Fulfillment of Congress's oversight responsibility about this program no doubt
will involve highly classified information that cannot be publicly released
without harming national security. Nonetheless, I'm confident the unclassified
responses to these questions will both assist the Committee's oversight efforts
and better inform the people that the program is designed to protect."

In other words, "Bring your dog and pony show over to my committee and I'll see to it that we pretend that everything's alright." F Jim thinks that all we need is to hear the same old arguments and we'll be mollified. That ain't gonna happen.

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Robola said...

I'm so happy to see this take on it. People are way to eager to believe he's coming around on this, but there' simply no proof yet. A list of questions is a list of questions, nothing more. I think, if anything, this could be more of a move to keep people off his tail for a while.