Sunday, February 05, 2006

Remember When?

Remember when we, as a nation, worried more about Aunt Bea's pickles than about most anything? Remember when politicians sold us hope instead of fear? Remember when compromise and bipartisanship was how laws got made? Remember when Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man in America and Huntley/Brinkley weren't far behind?

Remember when it was Republicans who were in favor of getting government out of peoples lives? Now, they've taken over the Nanny job and passed the costs on to young families.

Remember when NASA was our most trusted source for news of space and atmospheric science? Now the press agents have taken over the jobs of the scientists.

Remember when we elected officials to govern our state and nation? Now some get up in court and say, without shame, that they considered it to be their job to get re-elected even if it meant breaking the law and the public trust.

Remember when Congressional districts made geographic sense instead of being strung out to the benefit only of the political parties? Now, gerrymandering into one party strongholds has made us a divided nation within our own towns and taken accountability away for elected officials.

I'm no geezer but I play one on the Internet. I can remember the good old days. Will my grandchildren be able to say that?

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elliot said...

I blame it all on the Boomers.