Saturday, February 25, 2006

Nichols Says That Trial Shows the True Scooter

Should being in favor of honest government run according to the standards that
have traditionally applied in Wisconsin disqualify someone from judging whether
a legislator violated the law?

John Nichols asks that question in an opinion piece about the Scott Jensen trial and then goes on to say that Jensen's attorney asked questions to disqualify supporters of clean government in order to make sure Scooter got a jury of his peers.

More quotes from the piece:
It is certainly true that, compared to current Assembly Speaker John Gard,
former Speaker Scott Jensen looks like a paragon of virtue, a model of integrity
and, above all, an intellectual giant. But that is only because, as the old
Irish saying goes, "In the kingdom of the legless, the one-legged man is king."

When he is not being compared to Gard, R-Peshtigo, Jensen looks like what he has
always been: a lazy whiner who got into politics to live large and make money
and who has abused positions of public trust in every way imaginable from
dispatching state employees and pages to get him cans of soda to creating a
"campaign machine" operated by public employees and paid for with public tax

Check out the full piece by rolling over the headline.

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Anonymous said...

In answer to your question, no Scott Jensen is not guilty.