Tuesday, January 31, 2006

No Joy In Mudville Tonight

I should be shouting from the rooftops tonight. The Guns In Malls bill has gone down for this session of the lege. I can't get too worked up though. It'll be back in one form or another. The NRA won't let it die the death it deserves. The tizzysphere is already up in arms.

In the states where Concealed Carry has passed the NRA has come back with Fire First legislation or relaxed standards for licensing or smoke screens and obstruction. They won't give up. They play on the fears of insecure people who are made more fearful by the politicians they trust to protect them and to build a better, less violent society.

It's not about rape. Those who understand domestic violence and street crime know that. It's about some misguided vigilante mystique and the power of white men to feel superior with a gun in their trousers. JB van Hollen the Republican candidate for AG was predictably upset.

Jim Doyle has been on the wrong side of law abiding citizens. right to protect
themselves for far too long. It is unfortunate that partisan politics has
again gotten in the way of sound public policy. As Attorney General, I will
work with a bi-partisan coalition of legislators who wish to pass the
Personal Protection Act, because I know that we should not fear allowing
Wisconsinites who are properlytrained and licensed the ability to exercise
their constitutional rights.

Mark Green spouted off as well.

"Unfortunately for Wisconsin’s law-abiding citizens, partisan politics took
precedent over freedom and individual rights today. I am disappointed that
Governor Doyle has once again put the Wisconsin legislature in a position of
having to overturn his bad decisions. “Unlike the governor, I trust the people
of Wisconsin with the right to carry a firearm to protect themselves from those
who seek to do us harm.”

Get the illegal guns off our streets. Stop pushing artificial limits on governments which take policemen off our streets. Start providing hope for those who have none instead of playing the poor against those who soon will be poor because of the profligate spenders in our nation's capitol not because of the decisions made in our town halls.

Lead, for the sake of whatever you believe in. Stop spreading fear and start spreading solutions.


Christopher Robin said...

how do you explain 46 other states with concealed carry laws that haven't turned into shooting galleries.

unfortunately for you when Dolye is replaced the law will be enacted with far fewer restrictions.

Chris said...

I think we have more than enough cops. I'd rather get strapped and police myself. At least I trust myself.