Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Troubled Times- A List Of Questions

I'm not sure how to react. First we have three pipe bombs in the parking ramp closest to the government buildings in Madison and today we have a report of three suspicious objects dropped into the sewer system downtown.

This just feels hinky and wrong to me. Nevermind the thought that this stuff can't happen here. We've seen too often that it can. What kind of a twisted mind takes pleasure in this kind of activity?

Do we believe the authorities when they say that there is a level of disconnection between these incidents? Do you feel better thinking that there are more than one person doing stuff like this?

What's the motive? Where's the benefit? What the hell is the point? Is this some kind of sick joke? A protest against the Patriot Act and its purveyors? An object lesson by someone who hopes to see it tightened or by someone hoping to show its futility? Is it just some whackjob who likes to blow stuff up?

My first reaction is to ask, "Do I feel safer now than I did before?" Well, when I went to the Great Dane last Saturday I had the Beautiful Wife park outside the ramp.

My second is to wonder how long before we see the perfect headline, "Madison Police Find Pipe In Sewer."

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